Legal, City Car Club, and the TCA

Tonight’s meeting will open at 5:30pm for a 6pm start. The event will conclude about 7:30pm with informal networking afterwards at the Apex hotel.

The theme for this meeting is business orientated, and we have the following guest speakers:-

* Gavin Tosh, Clerwood Legal, talking about what to (and what not to!) put into your terms and conditions

* Edinburgh City Car Club, explaining what services are available to us small business owners.

* Adam Harris from the TCA which is merging with CompTIA. Adam previously ran an IT reseller business in the midlands before becoming CEO of the TCA. He will be offering an insight on his own experiences in running and growing a business and how Trade Associations can help.

I am also proposing having an open forum so that anyone with questions about contracts, rates, employment contracts, customer issues, etc. can air them and gain the “wisdom of the group”!

If you have not confirmed attendance then please drop me a quick note if you intend going so I can add you to the “door list” for security at Waverly Gate (or reply to this email).


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